July 22, 2022

Aaron Bare Releases the Think Bigger Course

July 22nd 2022, PHOENIX, AZ

From the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 Amazon bestselling Authors of “Exponential Theory; the Power of Thinking Big” comes the first first season of the “Think Bigger Course.” Author Aaron Bare, a Change Agent with over 15 years of experience as a global strategic facilitator, created the audio course to help leaders and organizations think bigger.

“Exponential Theory states that when leaders think bigger, they become more conscious,” Bare said. The course, which is based on the book Exponential Theory, guides listeners through a variety of mental models, real life examples, and insights from some of the leading exponential companies in the world.

Among the course concepts are the Seven Universal Truths, the Rhodium Rule, and Thrivability.

“The Seven Universal Truths are inarguable principles that will help all of us think bigger and achieve more than we thought possible personally, professionally, and organizationally,” Bare explained. “When leaders leverage these truths, they can 10x their impact, growth, and innovation.”

The Rhodium Rule and Thrivability were two terms created by Bare inside Exponential Theory. The Rhodium Rule explains how leaders must consider the entire ecosystem when making decisions, leaps ahead of both the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule. Thrivability, meanwhile, outlines a future beyond survivability and sustainability.

“Leaders of the future work towards Thrivability, where our circles uplift members to not just survive or sustain, but thrive,” Bare elaborated.

Join the authors of Exponential Theory Aaron D. Bare and N. Forbes Shannon, as they share an interactive dialogue breaking down key concepts of the power of thinking big. The course is available on Spotify, Anchor, and coming to more platforms soon.

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