September 20, 2022

Aaron Bare on The Vijay Kailash Show

Aaron Bare was featured on the Vijay Kailash show to talk about how he helps leaders think bigger. You can listen to the full episode here on Spotify, and you can find other podcast appearances from Aaron here. Below is an excerpt from the conversation.

“Often we have stress worries, anxieties, doubts, and fears about the future. That part is all from our learned behavior. A lot of it’s learned from people that we’re surrounded by, by our parents, maybe by our upbringing. So part of our process of helping people think big is really to understand where did we learn to think small?

There was a time, maybe even when we were maybe four or five, six or seven, that we just thought big about the world, like we could create anything we wanted that day. For different people listening to this podcast it happened at different times of our lives. Yet there was a day that if we can think back to that, where we just, you know, we were allowed to create anything we wanted to.

Somewhere along the line, we came in this belief system that we weren’t able to do that anymore. So we coach to get back to that place so that people can actually think big about their lives and understand that equally we are all put on this planet with equal potential and equal opportunity.”

Listen to the rest of the episode to find out more about how you can think bigger for yourself, your company, and your community.

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