June 20, 2022

Aaron Bare on The Mentee Podcast

the mentee podcast

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Every business owner may wonder what differentiates a normal business from an extraordinary business. The answer: extraordinary business owners aim for the extraordinary and think big. Of course, every business growth is great, even when it happens in slow, linear increments. But why grow linear when you can grow exponentially?

In this episode of The Mentee Podcast, Aaron Bare, strategic facilitator and bestselling author, shares his tips on creating an exponential and purposeful business. He discusses the power of flow and exponential habits to serve your business, purpose, wealth, and life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Always seek to innovate and stand out. Be present in the moment. Unlearn unhealthy programs to create a better future. Find your massive transformative purpose. Create a sustainable model.

[11:47] Getting Into Your Flow Most people don’t grow at the rate they want because they equate success to fame. If you want to become exponential, don’t try to fit in. In doing so, you must be prepared to be misunderstood for a long time. Flow is the ability to keep up with what’s going on. You need to do deep work. Understand how the world works, and then innovate persistently.

[18:43] How to Become Exponential If you find yourself glued to a screen, you’ll notice it eats away at your mental health. Practice JOMO or the “Joy Of Missing Out”. Learn to say no and turn off social media for long periods. Be mindful and present in the moment. Unlearn programs, such as mindsets and beliefs, that do not serve you, and be intentional about creating the future you want. Thinking big takes less energy than thinking small.

[36:33] Finding Your Massive Transformative Purpose So many problems in the world need solving. There are opportunities for exponential leaders to create solutions with the right tool set. Finding your purpose erases all the uncertainty and gives you a clear direction. [] Establish a Sustainable Model Create something repeatable, scalable, and sustainable by focusing on that statement everyone can relate to. Establish a business model that’ll solve the pain points of your customers. Purpose is essential to exponentiality. Communicate your vision to others, and they will provide clarity. And surely, those people will pivot with you.

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