June 5, 2023

Aaron Bare on the Liquid Lunch Podcast

Albert Einstein once remarked that “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change,” and we can’t think of a better way to sum up this week’s episode with Aaron Bare.

A Change Agent, Strategic Educator, and a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 Amazon best-selling author, Aaron is one of the top facilitators in the world and has worked with (just to name a few) NASA, Coa-Cola, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe, generating over $4 billion in documented results. And now he’s taking that experience and knowledge he’s collected from these elite Board Rooms and making it accessible to help small and medium businesses.

 As Aaron points out, our world is evolving at a remarkable pace, and if businesses don’t change with it, they die. As a facilitator, he helps leaders and owners shift to a “yes, and” mentality, teaching them to be willing to make decisions quickly and accept that there’s always a better business model out there. Companies like Bed Bath & Beyond may blame Amazon for running them out of business, but they – like so many others – had the opportunity to adjust and adapt. Aaron wants to help leadership teams think as change agents.

Ask yourself: Do I want to be part of the change, or do I want to let the change happen to me?

Episode Highlights:

Favorite Quote:

“The world is changing faster than you want it to. You can either resist it and let the world go by you, or you can embrace that change and lean into it.” 

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