May 13, 2022

Aaron Bare on the Fifth Dimensional Leadership Podcast

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A leader that thinks big and leads his people in an exponential direction.

Thinking big is a crucial part of companies creating exponential growth. Becoming exponential leaders takes a change in mindset and a shift in consciousness to create exponential leadership decisions while considering unintended consequences.

This episode’s fascinating guest is Aaron Bare.

In our conversation, Aaron Bare talks about what it takes to become an exponential leader, including:

The power of thinking big: widening opportunities to different ecosystems Being conscious of the unintended consequences of leadership decisions What the exponential nature of several things means Reprogramming individual mindsets and shifting consciousness

Quotes: “Think about how you can impact the world from your point of view, but then also have the empathy to understand the points of view of everyone around you.” – Aaron Bare

“There’s always going to be someone out there in the world doing something better than you in every area of your life, so you have to focus on being your best self and finding your own journey, your own path.” – Aaron Bare

“ Anyone can become exponential in their area of purpose if they find their massive transformative purpose that they want to dedicate their life to, as I have. ” – Aaron Bare

“It takes less energy to think bigger than it does to think small.” – Aaron Bare

“An important part of

growing exponentially is attracting the talent around you to support you where you’re not strong.” – Aaron Bare

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