April 21, 2022

Aaron Bare on the Elite Man Podcast (Ep. 361)

Aaron Bare joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Aaron talks about how to think exponentially in your life to achieve unbelievable success. He breaks down the exponential theory, why all businesses must utilize it, and why the most successful people in the world are adopting it’s techniques in the 21st century. If you’re wondering how you can use the exponential theory to see massive results in business and life, check this episode out now!  In our episode we go over:

• What exponential theory is and why it’s changing the world

• Thinking 10X vs. thinking 10%

• Why all businesses need to think in terms of exponential growth

• How RedBox and Netflix put Blockbuster out of business

• Technology and how it’s dramatically changed the way we live and operate

• The 35 disruptive technologies that are changing the game

• Why linear growth will mean certain death

• How small businesses can compete with massive corporations

• How Aaron came up with the exponential theory

• What makes Elon Musk so different and we he’s able to do so much

• The type of exponential thinking that the most successful people in the world have

• Aaron’s predictions for the future and what industries will die off or change dramatically

• The power of the subscription model

• What daily exponential thinking looks like

• Exponential habits for massive success

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